In full transparency, any restaurant has an impact on the environment.
But with the right actions, this impact can be reduced to the bare minimum -and eventually, even be compensated with positive actions.

At WTW we have spent years working to improve our footprint in many different ways. Even before governments started talking about this, we were already making changes. This is an ongoing journey and we plan on making extra improvements, but let us share with you where we are now:

Food wastage
– pioneers since 2004

One of the biggest impacts the industry can have, yet the one nobody talks about: food wastage. We were pioneers in keeping it extremely low, while also ensuring the freshness and quality of every meal is top. In a nutshell: we only prepare what we know we’ll sell on every particular day.

– towards 0%

For years, we have been modifying our operation to get rid of plastic. Our takeout packaging, including the T.A box, bag, sauce sachets and chopstick holders are paper-based. We’re also replacing cups, straws and other usually plastic-made items with more sustainable options. Working towards 0%!

Single use packaging
– mindfully reducing

In many WTW restaurants, eat-in orders are served on crockery instead of single use boxes. This reduces massively the amount of single-use-packaging.

More and more territories will implement this in the near future.

Free range eggs

Several WTW restaurants have been serving free-range eggs for years already. In those cases where it was not possible so far, there is already a detailed plan with deadlines to make sure this is a common practice in our company. You can read more about this commitment here.