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Guide of the best spots in Chueca, Madrid

In the mood for a short trip to Madrid? Perfect, count us in! (If you thought we’d need to think spontaneous plans through, you got us wrong… We’re fiery people!) Just buy the tickets, we’ll arrange the trip.

This time we’ll leave the typical sightseeing aside (El Retiro park, El Prado museum, etc) to focus on one of the most fun neighbourhoods in Madrid: Chueca. We’ll combine walking with interesting spots, cold beers and hot woks. You in? Great! Hey ho, let’s go!

Chueca Guide

1. Unseen Goya

In San Mateo Street (Tribunal metro stop), lays Madrid’s Museum of Romanticism. Don’t let the façade fool you, it’s a palace inside! Full of velvet furniture, candelabras, mirrors, harps and chandeliers. As if that weren’t enough, you’ll get to see some great paintings by Goya!  

2. The remains of lovers’ saint patron

Walk down Travesía de San Mateo towards Hortaleza Street. We’re going to San Anton Church. This church is famous thanks to their innovative approach: they baptise pets, offer free wifi… But we didn’t bring you here to baptise your iguana; we came here to pay our respects to Saint Valentin, lovers’ Saint Patron.

3. Is that a Gaudi?

Let’s keep walking until the spot where Hortaleza street meets Fernando VI st. We’ll come across a pretty singular building: the Longoria Palace.

Many people assume it’s a less known work by Gaudi, but it’s not. The real author is José Grases Riera. Write it down, it’s a perfect fact to throw in a conversation when you don’t know what else to say, right? Wink wink

However, there IS a real unknown piece of Gaudi’s work: these lamps in Barcelona’s Plaza Real… There you go another great fact to cheer chitchat up!

4. One of the best cañas in the world

We’ve earned a nice, ice-cold caña (draft beer), haven’t we?  Well, it won’t just be a regular beer. And it won’t just be any caña. We walk down Fernando VI street until its intersection with Belen and Barquillo streets, then continue until we hit Santa Barbara square (one of the most ancient squares in the city), famous for their extraordinary draft beer. At least, that’s what people say. Shall we check it ourselves?

5. The “Love Your Way” homage

Touristic visits to parkings are not really a thing, but this one really deserves a visit. Besides its main purpose, this parking is a piece of urban art. “Chueca-An-Dante” is so full of artworks it could be a contemporary museum. Every piece is about the endless kinds of love. As we said, a true homage to the “Love Your Way” philosophy! You’ll find it in Pedro Zerolo Square.

6. La fusión amatoria perfecta: Woks y cañas

Speaking about doing things your way, do you recognize this familiar scent? Yeap, Wok to Walk de la calle Hortaleza is really close: just a few steps away!  If you want to wok the Madrid way, this is the best selling recipe in the city: rice noodles + prawns + shiitake + Bangkok sauce and coriander topping. Of course, you’re more than welcome to design your own recipe as well.

Ready to keep going? We have one last stop…

7. Seven chimneys and a ghost

Take Infantas street and walk until the King’s square (Plaza del Rey). The house we’re visiting is quite easy to recognize thanks to its 7 chimneys. Interesting as it can be, we didn’t come here for them. We came to see Elena’s ghost!

According to the story, Elena was king Felipe II’s lover. She was murdered. Her corpse disappeared, until people started seeing her ghost wearing a white dress. Some 3 centuries later, her body was found along with some golden coins from Felipe II’s age!

What do you say? Was she really the king’s lover? Why did she get murdered? Was there maybe some Game of Thrones plot involved? We will never know. But, if you look at the window, you may feel Elena’s eyes on you…

The perfect end: cañas in Chueca’s busiest square

There couldn’t be a more perfect way to end this busy touristic day: sharing some cañas in Plaza de Chueca (Chueca Square), the main reunion point of the hood. Let’s toast to great trips and, who knows, maybe think of our next wokaholic city-tour?