Fresh food, fast

It’s generally accepted that we either have to wait for quality fresh food,
or grab something quick that’s been sat on a shelf waiting for us.

Wok to Walk breaks that rule. We serve quality food, fast.

We serve simple, honest and natural food brought to life with a bit of magic.

When it comes to choosing your perfect meal, you can choose between having one of our iconic recipes
or creating your own using our 3-step menu. In either case, your wok will be made on the spot just for you.

These are a few of the Asian cuisine creations we have developed. The selection of dishes can vary upon location to guarantee the best quality and freshness, please check your local menu here

Pad thai

Rice noodles with the protein of your choice, peanuts, egg, Chinese chives and our Pad Thai sauce.

Drunken noodles

XL rice noodles, Char Siu pork, pak choi, secret sauce, Asian herbs and fresh chili.


Egg noodles with the protein of your choice, pepper mix, egg, our Yakisoba sauce, spring onions, sesame seeds and katsuobushi.


Steamed rice, red onion, edamame, fried egg, sesame, spring onion and katsuobushi. Choose your protein and sauce.

Thai basil chicken

Marinated chicken, Thai basil, roasted cashews, spring onion and a touch of spice served with steamed rice.

Grilled chiken curry

Charred turmeric thigh, snow peas and Thai aubergine with our signature yellow curry sauce and steamed jasmine rice.

Thai charred greens with chicken / tofu

Thai aubergine, snow peas, broccoli, okra and pak choi, with our light sauce and the protein of your choice.

Design your own recipe following our classic 3 steps.
Please note bases, ingredients and sauces will likely differ among territories because we prioritize local, fresh, top quality. 

1. Choose your base


Whole grain

2. Add your favourite

Marinated chicken
Chicken katsu
Pulled beef

Pak choi
Edamame beans
Thai aubergine
Snow peas
Red onion
Mix of peppers

3. Choose your sauce

Sweet & sour
Yellow curry
Szechuan spices