Long story short

Wok to Walk started in 2004 in Amsterdam after a trip around Asia. We opened a tiny restaurant ’cause we wanted to have fun at work and cook the kind of food we’d like to eat in our hectic everyday: quick, fresh and yummy!
But things kinda got big and now there are almost 100 around the world. Our commitment and passion haven’t changed a bit since day 1: we stay true to our origins by offering delicious custom recipes and a great show!


Anyway, Wok to Walk is not about what WE say, it’s about what YOU experience! So, we cut the talking here and let real people from all around the world have their say:



  • Squid ink noodles Yes or no?   Theyre only
  • Did you know were feeding the flame in over 20
  • Whats that in the horizon? Ah its the WEEKEEEEEEEND!!! woktowalk
  • When your friendspartner dont wanna share their wok with you
  • Yummy inspiration for your meatlessmonday calamari! woktowalk feedtheflame mywokmyrules freshinaflash
  • Weekend vibes anytime! woktowalk feedtheflame mywokmyrules freshinaflash summerlove yum chinesetakeout
  • Monday blues? Heres an idea to beat it! woktowalk feedtheflame
  • Whos ready for the weekend?woktowalk feedtheflame mywokmyrules freshinaflash summerlove yum
  • My Wok My Rules!!     woktowalk feedtheflame