Your wok, your way

Meet Wok to Walk
If you’ve already been to a Wok to Walk restaurant, you already know what to do. First, you create the recipe (base, fresh ingredients and sauce) and we bless it with fire. Oh! And forget about closed kitchens; our wok masters cook your dish right in front of you. Plus, they make it fast. Real fast. And they do it your way.

If you’ve never been to any of our restaurants, feel free to have a look at our 3-step menu and, if you feel curious about how it turns out, read what people say about us. Want more? You might enjoy reading our story, our vision of the world and the secrets of our recipes.

Every wok works as a local restaurant

Since we’re in quite a number of cities, from Amsterdam to New York, you could picture us as a restaurant chain. But, as you’ll see, we’re actually quite far away from the standardised food chain concept.

Wok to Walk Barcelona doesn’t work like Wok to Walk London. Well, they both have options for every taste, lots of fire, friendly people and a 3-step menu. But some fresh ingredients might change, because we buy from local suppliers. And you’ll also notice some changes in the decoration or certain diversity in our exotic flavours. Not to mention that each restaurant’s staff gives the place a personal touch.