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Wok to Walk Gaiashopping

Wok to Walk - Gaiashopping

This Wok to Walk restaurant is located in the Gaiashopping Shopping Centre, in Vila Nova de Gaia.

We are specialised in Asian food: we cook delicious woks with fresh ingredients and an unforgettable flavour. We prepare them on the spot, your way.

Wok to Walk is fast, healthy food: no matter if you have special dietary requirements (vegan, vegetarian, weight loss diets) or prefer tons of meat, prawns or any kind of gourmet treats. We’ll cook a custom made wok for your delight.

How do I get to Wok to Walk - Gaiashopping
549 Das Descobertas Ave. - Loja 224.
4404 - 503 Vila Nova De Gaia
+351 93 256 02 75
Opening Times
  • Mon - Sun: 10:00 - 00:00
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Asian food Noodles, udon, rice, vegetables, veggies. Healthy fast food. Vegan food. Vegetarian recipes.