Is Wok to Walk franchise for you?

Minimum Financial Requirements

  • Minimum Liquidity of 500,000€*
  • Minimum Net Worth of 1,000,000€*


The ideal candidate What we look for in franchisees is strong leadership, a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. We recommend that at least one owner – or a designated manager – is involved on a full-time basis managing day-to-day operations. Previous experience in the food sector is also considered a great advantage.

The ideal location Choosing the right location is essential to your success. The neighborhood you look for should be a busy trading area, where people are looking for a good, quick meal. It should also be multi-purpose (work and play) so it can support multiple rushes (lunch, dinner, late night).

Wok to Walk® is targeted at the 18-40 age bracket. University campuses, downtown areas, tourist hubs and office complexes with young professionals are all potential locations. We’re also popular with the late-night crowd so locations near bars, clubs, cinemas and stadiums are all recommended.

* These figures do not represent franchise investment. They refer to your personal financial situation. 


The venue you choose requires the following:

  • Visibility: high, preferably a street corner
  • Dining area: 40-80m2
  • Kitchen: 15-20m2
  • Storage: 8-15m2
  • Seating capacity: 20-45
  • Terrace: advantage
  • Exhaust hood system
  • 1.25″ gas line connection

All necessary licenses and authorizations, including signage. Outdoor signs must be clearly visible at a distance of 25 meters.