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The best Vegetarian recipes at Wok to Walk

Did you know Wok to Walk serves vegetarian dishes? We do! They’re fresh, healthy and made on the spot, your way.

There are many vegetarian ingredients you can mix up to create your own vegetarian recipe in 3 steps. Let’s have a look at them.

Ingredients to cook a vegetarian wok:

1. Bases. Big news: all of our bases are vegetarian! Whether you’re craving noodles, rice or veggies, you have 7 bases to chose among.

2. Favorites (ingredients). There are 13 vegetarian options: tofu, pak choi, shiitake mushrooms, champignon mushrooms, pepper mix, cashew nuts, broccoli, spinach, mango, cherry tomatoes, baby corn, pineapple and bamboo shots. Please note they may slightly vary depending on your restaurant’s suppliers.

3. Sauces. Choose among 4 mouthwatering vegetarian sauces to rock your wok recipe. If you’re sweet-toothed, the Tokyo sauce (teriyaki, sweet soy) or the Hong Kong sauce (sweet and sour) will make you levitate. Are you more of a chili head? Our Hot Asia is your dream sauce: make it as hot as you dare to… And, for exotic minds, we created Bali: a mind blowing Asian peanut sauce. It’s slightly hot but will not burn your tonge ;)

Besides all of these basics, every month we get a special Limited Edition ingredient: the Favourite of the Month. It often consists of a seasonal vegetarian ingredient; ask the cashier when you visit your nearest Wok to Walk.

Do you feel like designing your recipe before hitting the restaurant? Check our menu here. If you want to see the vegan and vegetarian versions of our menu, take a look at our Nutrition Calculator. Not only it helps you create your vegan or vegetarian wok, but it also contains lots of interesting nutrition facts.

And last but not least, fancy some of our vegetarian customers’ favourite recipes? Awesome! Here goes a selection.

10 vegetarian recipes at Wok to Walk:

1. Egg noodles + tofu + shiitake + Bali sauce.

2. Rice noodles + pineapple + bamboo shoots + Tokyo sauce.

3. Udon noodles  + pak choi + cashew nuts + mango + Hot Asia sauce.

4. Whole-wheat noodles + tofu + broccoli + Hot Asia + Sesame seeds topping.

5. Jasmin rice + champignon mushrooms + mixed peppers + Hong Kong sauce.

6. Wholegrain rice + cherry tomatoes + spinach + baby corn + Tokyo sauce.

7. Veggie dish + tofu + cashew nuts + cherry tomatoes + Hot Asia sauce.

8. Egg noodles + baby corn + broccoli + mixed peppers + Tokyo sauce.

9. Jasmin rice + mango + bamboo shoots + Hong Kong sauce.

10. Veggie dish + mixed peppers + pack choi + Bali sauce.


Now it’s up to your imagination and cravings. Just tell us how to cook your perfect vegetarian recipe: at Wok to Walk you are the chef!

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