YAY! Good & affordable food is possible!

Eat Wok to WalkAt Wok to Walk, YOU are the chef. Follow our 3-step-menu to design your wok, we’ll stir-fry it on the spot. It’s your fast and healthy food fix, to eat in the restaurant or to take away. Everything’s fine as long as it’s your way.

We take pride in offering inexpensive and delicious options for everyone, including lots of delicious vegan dishes and vegetarian recipes.

Custom, fast food on the spot

Designing your own wok is easy as pie. In just 3 steps you can make countless combinations!

Step 1

First, pick one of our delicious bases: jasmine rice, wholegrain rice, egg noodles, rice noodles, udon noodles, whole-wheat noodles or the veggie dish.

They’re all healthy and nutritious: every rice or noodle base includes a mix of vegetables from the market and a fresh egg to add lots of vitamins and nutrients to your wok. The exception is our veggie dish, which does not contain any egg because it’s a vegan recipe.

Step 2

Once you’ve chosen your noodles, rice or vegetables, there’s a big variety of fresh ingredients you can add to your wok. We call them “favourites”. From shiitake to fillet steak or tofu, there are treats for everyone. Besides, a special favourite pops up every month. Something delicious and appealing that you can only have for a month. Thrilling, huh?

Step 3

The final touch. To make it even more delicious, you choose one of our famous Asian sauces. Again, we are very aware of different lifestyles, so we also have vegan sauces.
All of our sauces are our own exclusive recipes – you won’t taste them in any other Asian restaurant. Most of our sauces are non spicy, but there’s a couple of hot ones. You can check the ingredients and nutritional facts of our Asian sauce recipes in our nutrition calculator.