Custom made fast, healthy food

Wok to Walk - Wok your way!

So simple, we can explain it in four words: fresh, nutritious, quick and flexible. Wok to Walk is as simple as a 3-step-menu; so fresh, we proudly display every favourite (ingredient), topping and sauce. You decide what to eat and how much to spend.

Exotic flavours for every diet

Thanks to our 3-step-menu, you can make whatever combination inspires you, no matter if you’re a strict vegan, a vegetarian or a meat lover. The 3 steps (base, favourites and sauce) are so versatile no one will miss out on their Asian take-away food fix. Also, you’re free to eat in or take out your meal. That’s what flexibility means, right?

Healthy fast food

Once you’ve placed your order, it’s cooked on the spot in less than 5 minutes. Your wok is stir-fried in a fiery Asian cooking show. It’s something really cool to watch: fire, wrist moves and funky wokists will entertain you while you wait for your Asian food fix.