Looking for a new catering experience?
You’re in the right place: we fire up all sorts of events.

What makes Wok to Walk catering unique?

1. Two catering formats:
Individual packaging or aluminium trays.
If you’re looking for a buffet style catering, our 2 sizes of trays (for 5 guests and up to 10 guests) will do.
Feel like going for individual recipes only? We provide up to 30
individually filled and tagged orange boxes.

2. Options for everyone:
Including special diets! Vegan? Check! Vegetarian? Check!
Our flexible 3-step menu lets you design your own recipes.

3. Thermal Insulating Packaging:
Our orange box is designed to keep food warm for as long as 45 minutes. The aluminium trays come with a heating system.

4. Freshly made with the best ingredients:
Every recipe is custom made on the spot, making each bite delicious and fresh.

5. Clean & convenient:
Each catering set includes special sauce sachettes, an orange table cloth, napkins, plastic cups, chopsticks and forks.

your catering in New York:

or call 718.414.5422

Book your Wok to Walk catering in 3 steps

  • 1. Make a list of the attendants and their preferences (minimum 10 guests).
  • 2. Contact your local restaurant (at least 24h in advance) detailing:
    • – The order
    • – Delivery time & address
    • – Your contact details
  • 3. Sit down, relax and enjoy!!!