Asian food inspired by the streets of the Far East

Wok to Walk - Nuestra Historia

Ours is a story of adventure and exotic flavors. Some years ago, we were on journey in South East Asia, indulging a severe case of wanderlust. Along the way, we unexpectedly found our passions: street food and Asian cuisine. For weeks, we had the most delicious woks, cooked in rudimentary kitchens all across Asia. It was soon apparent that the flames lapping at our woks also set off something in our hearts. We were totally taken by the exotic recipes, the freshness of the ingredients, and of course, the pyrotechnics!

Back in Amsterdam, we desperately sought out something similar. Alas, there was no quick, healthy, flexible, and affordable restaurant that recreated that authentic experience from back East. So, in 2004, we set out to do it ourselves and opened our dream restaurant.

What started as a small restaurant in Amsterdam soon became a bunch of restaurants around the world

The rest of it is, as they say, history. People simply loved it. Our concept was an answer to people’s yearning for freedom and individuality. In a phrase, we let you “Wok Your Way.”

Today, we’re 80+ restaurant strong, wokking all around the globe.