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Wok to Walk: Amsterdam

The wok restaurant trend keeps spreading around New York, Madrid, Barcelona, London…

Wok restaurants are becoming one of the most popular options in New York, Madrid, Barcelona and London thanks to their healthy Asian fast food recipes at a reasonable price.

The wok trend: from street food restaurants to homemade recipes

When we say trend, we don’t just talk about the expansion of Wok to Walk restaurants and its never ending clones; the trend involves homemade food too. We’re getting more and more emails from people who want to learn how to make woks at home, so we created this post explaining how to cook a wok recipe at home.

Eating woks is just as great in your city as it is abroad

Actually, Barcelona woks are not very different from woks in Madrid or Thailand, which is one of the main advantages of Wok to Walk: the quality standards are the same. Whenever you repeat that amazing wok you had in Amsterdam’s Wok to Walk, it will taste just the same. The only difference being a subtle local touch, you will always enjoy the same music and energy in every location!

The secret: offering healthy takeaway

Whether you’re at the office, laying on the couch or on holiday, there’s nothing more comfortable than takeaway food -which is, by the way, another rising trend. Taking into account that the classical takeaway industry is not exactly healthy or fresh, wok’s success comes as no surprise. In case you didn’t know this, wok stir-fried food is really healthy; we cook with the best fresh ingredients and by stir-frying them we keep all their natural goodness and use very little oil.

Have you ever tried a Wok to Walk? It’s something you really need to add to your bucketlist, you’ll love it! Here’s a list of all the Wok to Walk restaurants around the world. See you by the fire!