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The best selling wok in Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam

So, you can’t get sleep at night wondering which is the best selling wok in Barcelona, Madrid or Amsterdam? We knew it! So we took our time to analyse it and can finally unveil the secret. From today on, you will sleep like a baby!

Hang on, let’s make this even more fun. Why don’t you make a guess? Pick a sheet of paper, write on it your winning recipes for each city, store it in some drawer. Only then should you keep reading on. No cheating! Ready?

The best selling wok in Barcelona is…

Wait, wait, wait. One is not meant to unveil such a secret this easily, right? Let’s take a look at the big picture. Wok to Walk Barcelona cooks with ingredients from the Boqueria market, the city enjoys a great climate and people tend to move around by bike. Will all these factors have some kind of impact on the best selling wok recipe? You tell us!

Barcelona’s favourite wok is:

 Egg noodles + chicken + broccoli + Tokyo sauce + fried onion topping!

The best selling wok in Madrid is…

Just like the poet said “Que sera, sera? Whatever will be, will be…” What is the best selling recipe in Madrid? Ok, we won’t be cruel, here it goes. The city’s favourite wok recipe is:

Rice noodles + shiitake + prawns + Bangkok sauce + coriander topping!

Amsterdam’s favourite wok is…

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Think about the wok you had there. What recipe was it? Udon noodles + bacon + prawns + broccoli + Hot Asia sauce, maybe? Well, that’s actually the best selling wok in Amsterdam!

Ok, you can now pick your recipes from the drawer and compare the results. If you got them all right, run towards the closest lottery shop and buy a few slips, because today is YOUR day!

If you happen to have gotten them all wrong, it’s ok. The only person capable of guessing everything is the woki-fortune-teller.

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