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The 8 secrets behind Wok to Walk’s success

Since we started expanding a few years ago, many people have asked us the secret recipe behind Wok to Walk’s success. We believe it’s a mixture of things, not just a specific factor. Plus, we’re not very into secrets. Our philosophy is WYSIWYG oriented. So let us tell you what we do on a daily basis, for you to pick your own “secrets”. Let us know if you find something interesting! ;)

1. Every day, first thing in the morning, we do some shopping. We go for local and top quality – we’re quite picky, to be honest.


2. Then, in the restaurant, we prepare the ingredients we’ll be serving throughout the day. We want them fresh!


3. Before opening the restaurant, we warm up, stretch our muscles, do some funky moves…


4. And then open the doors and  let the fiery show begin…


(this is how wokkists feel when they’re cooking your meal)

5. Customers can’t hide their emotion when watching the show /  tasting their woks.

(This, at least, is how we would love guests to react)

6. And this is what we keep doing this aaaaall day long until late in the night.


7. When the blinds are down, we clean everything up like only Monica would.


8. And then, after a great day at work, we go to our other home.