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Our story


Ours is a story of travelling and exotic flavours. Some years ago, during an adventure trip around Thailand, we found our passion: street food. For weeks, we had the most delicious woks cooked in these rudimentary kitchens where you could feel the fire in your face.


The freshness, the show, the freedom and the exotic flavours totally got us. It was so REAL.


Back in Amsterdam, we desperately seeked something similar. We couldn't find any quick, healthy, flexible and affordable meals around. So, in 2004, we opened our dream restaurant where we could have it all.


The rest of the story is as simple as our beginning: people loved it. Our concept was fresh and European customers' need for freedom big, so we started spreading the word. 9 years and 50+ restaurants later, we're still walking our way. And, of course, we keep travelling to Thailand, to stay in touch with our roots.