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100% Vegan Friendly

Finally, a restaurant where vegan, fast, healthy and cheap go together. (Plus, it’s got options for your non vegan friends!)

Vegans are well trained on the art of tracking down vegan food in their city or when they travel around. The lack of options, leaving aside home-made vegan dishes, has sharpened that instinct. Not to mention when you want to enjoy a meal with non-vegan friends. Where do you go then?

We totally see your point! Actually, we understand you both -vegans and meat lovers-. That’s why we have delicious ingredients suitable for every diet, so that you can eat together no matter what your lifestyle is.

This post is dedicated to vegans. These are all of the ingredients you can have to enjoy as many vegan meals as you want in Wok to Walk.

You may be familiar with our 3-step-menu, where a series of bases, favourites (ingredients) and sauces are listed for you to mix up. Once you’ve created your wok recipe, you can also add some topping as a final touch. Let’s check out with are the vegan ingredients you can play with every time you crave for a wok.

Vegan dishes available in our Asian restaurant:

Bases: Most of our bases are vegan if you order them without egg. Our udon noodles, rice noodles, whole-wheat noodles, whole-grain rice, jasmine rice and vegan dish are vegan. They normally have a fresh egg added on the wok, so just remember to tell the cashier you don’t want any egg when placing your order.

Favourites: You can top up your vegan base with as many fresh ingredients as you wish. Our vegan ingredients are: tofu, bamboo, shiitake mushrooms, button mushrooms, pepper mix, cashew nuts, broccoli, spinach, mango, cherry tomatoes, baby corn, pineapple and Chinese cabbage.

Sauces: Adding a sauce to your dish is a big decision, because it adds the succulent, Asian touch to your wok. These are our vegan sauces: Tokyo (Teriyaki, sweet soy sauce), Hong Kong (sweet & sour), Hot Asia (spicy soy sauce) & Bali (peanut sauce).

If you want to design your wok to suit your special needs, our Nutrition Calculator will tell you which ingredients to pick. Moreover, you will be able to check in detail the nutrition facts of your favourite recipe!

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