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Cosmopolitan recommends our low carb options

Cosmopolitan recommends our low carb options
1 October, 2014

Cosmopolitan is a declared fan of our healthy fast food style. They propose 3 low-carb options based on three of our bases: noodles, veggies and rice.

Noodles and rice in a weight watching diet? Absolutely! Despite being more caloric than veggies, the truth is they are an excellent ally on your diet thanks to their slow absorption carbohydrates. These carbs make you full for a long while, protecting you from snacking between hours.

Plus, as Cosmopolitan editors know, each of our fresh ingredients and sauces is top quality and 100% MSG FREE.
Have you tasted your ideal Wok to Walk so far? What’s your favourite low carb recipe? We make it easy: calculate the calories and nutrition facts in your wok with our Nutrition Calculator.