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Tossing the Wok

25 wok vegan recipes on the wok inspired by Asian Cuisine

Before we get on with the recipes, you need to know that at Wok to Walk you have total freedom to design your own dish. So the 25 vegan recipes you’ll see in this post are only a sample of the thousands you can make!

You can design your own recipe in the restaurant, where all the ingredients are on sight, or using our Nutrition Calculator. This beauty has a vegan filter that displays our vegan bases, favourites (ingredients) and sauces for your convenience – it also will give you interesting details on protein, carbs and calories, if you want to check them out.

All of our bases come with fresh veggies and an egg, so please always order your wok without egg and we’ll be glad to skip it.

Now that we shared everything you need to enjoy your freedom and develop a wokaddiction, here goes the compilation:

25 Asian flavoured vegan recipes

  1. Whole-wheat noodles + broccoli + mango + shiitake mushrooms + Hot Asia sauce.
  2. Rice noodles + champignon mushrooms + spinach+ Bali* sauce. *Bali is not vegan in the US
  3. Udon noodles + broccoli + tofu + Hong Kong sauce.
  4. White rice + pak choi + cherry tomatoes + Tokyo sauce.
  5. Whole grain rice + tofu + bamboo shoots + mixed peppers + Tokyo sauce.
  6. Vegetable dish + cashews + tofu + pineapple + Bali* sauce.
  7. Whole-wheat noodles + pak choi + baby corn + Bali* sauce.
  8. Rice noodles + shiitake mushrooms + cherry tomatoes + Hong Kong sauce.
  9. Udon noodles + mango + cashews + spinach + Hot Asia sauce.
  10. White rice + broccoli + mixed peppers + cherry tomatoes + Tokyo sauce.
  11. Whole grain rice + champignon mushrooms + broccoli + Hong Kong sauce.
  12. Vegetable dish + baby corn + shiitake mushrooms + bamboo shoots + Tokyo sauce.
  13. Vegetable dish + tofu + cherry tomatoes + Hot Asia sauce.
  14. Rice noodles + spinach + cherry tomatoes + mango + Tokyo sauce.
  15. Udon noodles + shiitake mushrooms + broccoli + Bali* sauce.
  16. White rice + cashews + mango + tofu + Tokyo sauce.
  17. Whole grain rice + tofu + mixed peppers + pak choi + Hong Kong sauce.
  18. Veggie mix + tofu + cherry tomatoes + Hot Asia sauce.
  19. Rice noodles + champignon mushrooms + shiitake mushrooms + bamboo shoots + Bali* sauce.
  20. Whole grain rice + tofu + baby corn + broccoli + Hot Asia sauce.
  21. Vegetable dish + shiitake mushrooms + tofu + sesame seeds + Tokyo sauce.
  22. Whole-wheat noodles + broccoli+ baby corn + Bali* sauce.
  23. Rice noodles + mango + cashews + mushrooms + Hong Kong sauce.
  24. Udon noodles + spinach + broccoli + cherry tomatoes+ Hot Asia sauce.
  25. White rice + tofu  + mixed peppers + baby corn + Tokyo sauce.

We like keeping a local flavour in our restaurants, so you might find slight differences in the favourites (ingredients) list. However, you will always find lots of vegan options including tofu and broccoli!

Last but not least, great news for your social life! If you’re looking for a place where you can have a meal together with your vegetarian and omnivore friends, Wok to Walk is just what you need! We have options for everyone, so you can enjoy the best Asian cuisine together and in harmony! Doesn’t that deserve some celebration?

See you by the fire!

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