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15 light recipes + a step by step tutorial to cook your own wok

If your old healthy spirit is back and you’re planning on losing some weight, Wok to Walk has infinite light recipes. You can design your own dish with our 3-step-menu, but we have made a list with 15 recipes under 400, 550 and 600 calories in case you’re lacking inspiration.

Bear in mind a wok means a full meal, so you can lean on us for delicious meals under 600 calories. Losing weight was never easier!

By the way, did you know all of our bases include a fresh vegetable mix and an egg? (The Veggie dish is vegan, so it does not include the egg). As you can see, our woks are totally healthy and nourishing, nothing to do with typical fast food.

Enough self-promotion! Let’s go straight to the recipes. Take a look at them and, if you feel like making your own, check out our nutrition calculator and our step-by-step recipe explanations at the bottom of the post. Bon appetit!

Light recipes under 400 calories:

1. Vegetable dish + shiitake mushrooms + spinach + Beijing sauce =301 kcal

2. Vegetable dish + tofu + Tokyo sauce = 388 kcal

3. Vegetable dish + cherry tomatoes + pepper mix + shrimps + Saigon sauce = 372 kcal

4. Vegetable dish + smoked turkey + mango + Beijing sauce = 394 kcal

5. Vegetable dish + bamboo shoots + Hot Asia sauce = 396 kcal

Recipes under 550 calories:

1. Vegetable dish + tofu + Bali sauce = 540 kcal

2. Egg noodles + cherry tomatoes + table soy sauce = 549 kcal

3. Rice noodles + shiitake + broccoli + Beijing sauce = 546 kcal

4. Whole grain rice + cherry tomatoes + champignon mushrooms + table soy sauce = 537 kcal

5. Whole-wheat noodles + pak choi + Beijing sauce= 549 kcal

Recipes under 600 calories:

1. Udon noodles + squid + mixed peppers + Beijing sauce = 591 kcal

2. Egg noodles +  squid + broccoli + Table soy  sauce = 595 kcal

3. Whole-wheat noodles + champignon mushrooms + broccoli + bamboo shoots +  Saigon sauce = 582 kcal

4. Rice noodles + shiitake + Bangkok sauce = 597 kcal

5. Whole grain rice + smoked turkey + table soy sauce = 598 kcal


Do you want to cook your own wok recipe at home? Here’s a detailed tutorial on our famous woks

First of all, let’s be honest: you wouldn’t be able to achieve the Wok to Walk quality level even if you followed our instructions step by step. It’s not you, it’s a number of things that we have and you don’t… But we’ll get back to that later on. For the time being, let’s help you get the best wok recipe you can possibly make at home.

This is what you will need to make a Wok to Walk-ish wok at home:

Ingredients to stir fry noodles in a wok

1. Asian noodles (rice noodles, udon noodles, egg noodles, whole-wheat noodles… The ones you like better!) or any rice (jasmin rice, wholegrain rice, wild rice…)

2. Fresh vegetables from a local grocer. Buying them right before cooking them is one of our secrets that you CAN actually copy: we buy and prepare our fresh ingredients on a daily basis, so if you’re aiming for a top wok, never cook with the veggies that have been growing old and bored in your fridge! We would never do it.

Every vegetable makes great stir-fry material, so we leave the choice up to your dietary needs and personal taste. If you want to pick the veggies upon their nutritional facts, our Nutrition Calculator will tell you everything you there is to know about many of them. You’ll need two kinds of vegetables: a few to be chopped and blended with the base (noodles or rice) and some others to be cut in big chunks as a main ingredient.

3. Fresh and delicious protein: tofu, shrimps, chicken, beef, duck, pork, tuna, salmon, squid… Whatever you crave! It can be marinated for an extra touch or totally fresh. You choose.

4. A really fresh egg. This is also up to you, but we include it in all of our bases (except the veggie dish because it’s vegan). It adds lots of healthy nutrients and tastes amazing in the wok!

5. A good Asian sauce: oyster sauce, teriyaki sauce, sweet and sour sauce, spicy soy sauce, curry sauce… There’s countless possibilities! The bad news: you can’t buy the sauces we use at Wok to Walk because they’re our own secret recipes. The good news: if you have a bad craving and really can’t make it to one of our restaurants, you will find something fair enough in an Asian shop. It will do as a quick fix.

Equipment you’ll need to stir fry using a wok

A wok (Asian pan that baptised this cooking technique). It’s very easy to get, and despite the fact that it will never be exactly the same as ours, it’s always better than using a normal pan or a pot.

A spatula to stir the ingredients.

Fire. If you have an electric kitchen you will still be able to cook woks, but fire suits this technique much better. Anyway, even if you’re lucky to have a gas kitchen at home, don’t expect the flames that you see at Wok to Walk. Ours are an exclusive design made to prepare the best woks in the world… This is actually another of the things that differentiate Wok to Walk from all the rest. And, speaking about fire, please do not try to imitate our wokkists because you could get hurt. They are heavily trained and work in a special kitchen, while you’re at home and your beautiful kitchen wasn’t designed for this!

How to stir-fry a wok recipe step by step

1. Boil the noodles or rice deducting a minute from the cooking time marked on the packaging. They will get ready in the wok while absorbing other ingredients’ flavour.

2. In the meanwhile, chop the veggies. As we said before, at Wok to Walk we include a mix of thinly sliced veggies to make the base more tasty and nutritious. If you wish to do the same, cut the vegetables in tiny pieces. If you want to add broccoli, spinach, shiitake, mushroom, tomatoes, etc as an important ingredient, cut them in big chunks. Put the thinly sliced veggies in a bowl and the big chunks in another one.

3. Drain the noodles or rice and save them in a bowl.

4. Heat the wok up with just a little splash of oil (this is one of the benefits of stir-frying: you use very little oil, thus your recipes are lighter).

5. If you feel like adding an egg to your recipe, do it now. As soon as the wok is smoking hot, throw the egg in while stirring to break it

6. Add the other ingredients (vegetables and protein) while stirring. Cook them for 1-2 minutes to preserve all their nutrition values and texture while enhancing their flavour. Overcooking them would mean nutrient and quality loss. Add the noodles or rice and keep stirring.

7. Finally, add the sauce and keep stirring for some 30 seconds until the sauce is thoroughly spread. Great job, your wok is ready!

8. In this video you can watch a Wok to Walk wokkist stir-frying a wok step by step. You now understand why we said your homemade woks would never get close to the ones we make, huh?

9. If your craving for a real wok just got worse, here you are the updated list of Wok to Walk restaurants around the world. See you by the fire!!!